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LCI offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of customized data processing solutions, consulting services and research and analytics.

Customized Data Processing Solutions

The value we draw from information lies in the ability to understand its meaning and derive a business advantage. The design of a system will forever dictate its flexibility, manageability, scalability, and most importantly, value. Only when one truly understands the client’s needs and industry can one truly deliver an optimal solution. Our combination of technological expertise and industry experience makes Lundquist Consulting, Inc. the best choice for your system needs.

System Design
LCI provides systems analysis and design expertise for your project in order to develop the solution that best meets your business needs, within the your cost requirements. LCI is experienced with a wide variety of technologies and platforms, and provides expertise for projects dealing with local and global webs; very large databases; new business processes; client/server systems; and desktop applications.

Program Management
LCI is experienced in running outsourced short, medium, and long-term programs in a variety of areas and can assist your company with its resource leveling needs. LCI can place staff on your site or can host your application on its network and place staff on its site for your program.

Data Gathering
LCI can perform both national direct mail surveys and various electronic data gathering methods involving target audiences between 10,000 and 1,000,000 people. Through the use of customized data entry software, clients can efficiently collect data or we can do it for you. We can provide web-based surveys and responses.

Data Warehousing
One of the most exciting business technologies today for management is the ability to sift, sort, and consolidate massive amounts of information for decision making, trend analysis, forecasting, and statistics generation. LCI can provide your company with the analysis tools to understand the data generated by your systems. Our solutions can be scaled from a monthly report suite to on-line querying and reporting on very large databases. Almost all our projects involve data mining at some level and our expertise arises in the ability to recognize key characteristics and develop reports that deliver data in an easily understood fashion. We can provide a variety of delivery channels to support management decisions both in the office and on the road.

Web Development
LCI is an expert in helping clients use the power of Internet/intranet tools and can provide a cost-effective solution to distribute information internally throughout your company and externally around the world. We can migrate your overburdened desktop database application to a SQL Server platform with a web-based front end and extend its reach to your entire organization and customer base. LCI can implement a variety of secure networking solutions to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

Software Development
Many LCI projects involve developing a final software solution for distribution internal to the client’s organization or to the client’s customer base. LCI develops software applications that balance both functionality and ease of use because we place emphasis on a thoughtful and analytical system design process. We have expertise in a variety of software platforms, programming languages and third-party tools.

Due to the high security standards held by many of our clients, LCI meets the strictest security requirements and all employees must pass rigorous security background checks. For these reasons, we employ…firewalls and run the highest quality anti-virus programs available.

Data Processing
LCI operates a 24/7 data processing center, providing the financial industry with customized database products and services. LCI is a leader on providing cost-effective, yet robust solutions to meeting a clients needs. Applications, websites, and solutions operated and maintained by LCI meet or exceed industry security standards. LCI is a certified vendor meeting the requirements of the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).

Consulting Services

Our team offers hands-on experience, knowledge, and project management skills to complete the most complex of projects. LCI can manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle for your information system project, from requirements gathering to post-implementation monitoring. Our management methods have allowed us to interface with client project owners in a way that minimizes development time and cost. We will work with your company to manage and maintain the system as your company grows and adjusts its requirements to the changing business environment. We can also provide training and hosting for your IS solution.

Financial Modeling
LCI will design and build financial models to support your analysis process and train your users in its operation. Our financial models, built as stand-alone software products, allow clients to interactively modify key business characteristics and determine the bottom line effect on their industry. LCI will customize the model to meet your needs, whether distributing to internal resources or thousands of customers.

Research and Analytics

Lundquist Consulting, Inc. also specializes in statistical research using advanced survey techniques to gather the information you need from your customers and market. Our services include survey design, target sampling, data collection with quality control procedures, statistical analysis, and summarizing our results in industry white papers. Our research has been distributed to the credit industry, through national media channels, through government entities and for the support of new bankruptcy legislation.

LCI will perform research and statistical analysis on industry data to identify key characteristics for use in business planning. Our analytical techniques are used to develop forecasts for key industry trends, allowing clients to measure market forces and develop business strategies. Our research, distributed through clients, is used by the bankcard industry and in print and broadcast media.


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